Weasel Reader Project Credits

Weasel Reader and makeztxt

John Gruenenfelder
email: johng@as.arizona.edu
ICQ: 1734209
AIM: Foxammemnon (note the extra 'm' in the middle)
Yahoo: foxamemnon
MSN: foxamemnon
Skype: Foxamemnon

Always feel free to contact me!

Java makeztxt

Karin Herm (current maintainer)
email: khemsys@users.sourceforge.net

Martin Smith (original author)
email: martin@spamcop.net

2ztxt webpage converter

Guido Socher
email: guido@bearix.oche.de

Addtional contributions


Super cool logo for Weasel Reader was designed and drawn by DocTiki: homepage.

Other Code

Many ideas and source code assistance came from Bill Clagett's excellent PalmDOC reader, CSpotRun. Because CSpotRun is also GPL'd, I was able to borrow the old screen rotation code which was of great use. I also got several ideas for how to accomplish good autoscrolling from here.

The current screen rotation code and the rotation armlet come from Plucker, another GPL'd document viewer for Palm OS.

Project Gutenberg -- The inspiration for the whole thing
Sourceforge -- Benevolent site hosts
Palm Inc. -- Makers of the Palm Handheld Organizers
Pilrc -- Generates Palm resources from a resource definition file