Weasel Reader Translations

The current version of Weasel is available in the following languages:

The following translations are currently out of date. When they are updated the translated versions of Weasel Reader will be made available for download.

Contact information for authors of the respective translations can be found in the comments at the top of the traslated file and on the info page. If you find an error or wish a change made, please contact the maintainer. The maintainer for the English translation is Weasel's author.

Translating Weasel Reader

Would you like to have Weasel available in your language of choice? You can, and it's very easy to do. Really. Essentially, you take a single file from the Weasel distribution and translate all of the English strings into your language. Then you give me the file. That's it. No programming required.

My preferred method for setting all this up is to have you, the translator, grab the latest file from the CVS archive rather than use the last source distribution. This just makes sure everything is up to date. But if you don't have CVS set up, or don't know what CVS is, then just use the file from the source distribution.

The file in question is weasel_english.rcp which can be found in the resource/ directory of the Weasel source code. It contains many lines of the form:

   "$$TEXT TAG" = "Some English text."

To translate this file, simply copy weasel_english.rcp to weasel_LANG.rcp where LANG is the language you are using. Now, translate all of the strings AFTER the equals sign. All finished!

Maintaining Your Translation

The preferred method for handling this is to have you sign up for a SourceForge account (if you don't have one) and become a Weasel developer. Then you will have read/write access to the Subversion archive and can maintain your translation without having to send it to me. However, if you prefer to send me an updated file instead, this is perfectly acceptable.

Before every release of Weasel I will always send out an email to all translators to let you know that the translations need to be updated. This email will include a summary of the changes made to the English file so you can apply similar changes to your file. In general, the changes between versions are small.

If you are, at some future date, no longer able to adaquately maintain your translation, for whatever reason, please let me know. There may be others who will take over, or I can put out a call for a replacement.

If you have any questions or would like to add a translation, please email me at johng@as.arizona.edu.