Make a Donation?

No, this isn't some crass attempt at commercialization. Rest assured that Weasel Reader will remain free to all regardless of how much (or how little) money is ever received. This page exists instead because I wouldn't be terribly offended if somebody did want to send some money. That is, for those users who find Weasel to be the best program on their PDA and want to give back in some non-programmatic way. If you really like Weasel, you can donate via PayPal with the little button below. I chose this route because it was easy. I'm not going to spend a lot of time trying to extort money from people (I've got to get back to coding, right?).

Donate a Device?

I own a Sony Clie TH-55 and it serves me well. I've also been able to accomplish quite a bit thanks to the superbly useful emulator, POSE. However, at times it can be hard to add new features or, more often, debug features, for a device that I don't have. Two examples spring to mind. First, for a while, Weasel was terribly inefficient at scanning VFS volumes, or in cases where you have a lot of documents. I never noticed this because the emulator is very fast with regards to VFS access, and I can't fit too many documents on my device. The other example would be some of the new Sony devices. The screens on these devices are ever changing and they've got a number of different features. Since Sony's version of POSE only runs in Windows, testing them takes quite a bit longer.

More recently, testing on the Palm OS 5.x devices must be done using the "Simulator", a poorly written an crash-happy program. Where POSE was easy to use, well written, and helpful, the Simulator is essentially the opposite. Unlike POSE, the source is not open and it runs only under Windows. In many cases, testing on a physical device is often easier.

Where am I going with this? It is conceivable, perhaps, that a business might want some feature badly, or want an existing feature to work better. They might want it bad enough to send me a device to test on directly. I don't imagine that regular users will be sending many devices, as they are just too expensive. And not being a business myself, I have exactly one test unit, my own Palm. So, if this seems reasonable to you, contact me at Keep in mind that I don't really need another Vx, or a Palm III, etc., but I doubt I'd turn one down either.