Available Files

The following versions of Weasel Reader, makeztxt, and related utilities are available:

ProgramVersionPackages available
Weasel Reader1.61source, binary
makeztxt1.62source, Linux i386 binary, Windows command-line binary

Download Weasel Reader

You can find all the files on the Sourceforge download page:

Weasel Reader project page on SourceForge

The lastest release of Weasel Reader is: ver 1.61

What's new in version 1.61

Major new features include fixed support for the Palm 5-way navigator (i.e. d-pad buttons) plus the ability to remap keys to perform user specified actions while reading.

There is also a new "Most Recently Read" list maintained by Weasel Reader to help frequent users keep tabs on what they are currently reading.


Quick Usage Instructions

  1. Put weasel-[language].prc onto your device.
  2. Install SysZLib.prc onto your device. This is included in Weasel Reader's distribution.
  3. You can install the test document, GPL.pdb, to see if Weasel Reader works. The test document is the GNU General Public License converted into a zTXT database.
  4. Or get some e-text's from Project Gutenberg
  5. And get makeztxt (or similar program) from the download area (see above).
  6. Run makeztxt on the text files (see the makeztxt README for more)
  7. Put the generated databases on your Palm
  8. Thrill at the exciting features and low memory footprint. Amaze your friends, impress your boss!